Organizatin of the work of the fifty-fourth session

Commission on Human Rights decision 1997/119

At its 67thmeeting, on 16April1997, the Commission on Human Rights, taking into account its heavy schedule of work, as well as the need to give adequate consideration to all the items on its agenda, and recalling that in previous years the Economic and Social Council had approved the Commission's requests for additional meetings for its thirty-seventh to fifty-third sessions, decided, without a vote:

(a) To recommend to the Economic and Social Council that it authorize, if possible within existing financial resources, 40fully serviced additional meetings, including summary records, in accordance with rules29 and31 of the rules of procedure of the functional commissions of the Economic and Social Council, for the Commission's fifty-fourth session;

(b) To request the Chairman of the Commission at its fifty-fourth session to make every effort to organize the work of the session within the times normally allotted, so that the additional meetings that the Economic and Social Council might authorize would be utilized only if they proved to be absolutely necessary.

[See chap. III.]


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