Situation of human rights in Iraq

Economic and Social Council Decision 1997/269

At its 38th plenary meeting, on 22 July 1997, the Economic and Social Council, taking note of Commission on Human Rights resolution 1997/60 of 16 April 1997, endorsed the Commission's decision to extend for a further year the mandate of the Special Rapporteur of the Commission on Human Rights on the situation of human rights in Iraq, as contained in Commission resolution 1991/74 of 6 March 1991      See Official Records of the Economic and Social Council, 1991, Supplement No. 2 (E/1991/22), chap. II, sect. A. and subsequent resolutions, and to request the Special Rapporteur to submit an interim report on the situation of human rights in Iraq to the General Assembly at its fifty-second session and a report to the Commission at its fifty-fourth session, and also approved the Commission's request to the Secretary-General to continue to give all necessary assistance to the Special Rapporteur to enable him to discharge his mandate fully, and to approve the allocation of sufficient human and material resources for the sending of human rights monitors to such locations as would facilitate improved information on the situation of human rights in Iraq.

38th plenary meeting,
22 July 1997


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