1995/9. Monitoring and assisting the transition
to democracy in South Africa

The Commission on Human Rights,

Recalling its resolution 1994/8 of 18 February 1994,

Recalling also resolution 1994/3 of the Subcommission on Prevention of Discrimination and Protection of Minorities of 12 August 1994,

Noting with great satisfaction the establishment of a non-racial and democratic South Africa,

Taking note of the final report of the Special Rapporteur of the Subcommission, Ms. Judith Sefi Attah (E/CN.4/1995/24),

1. Expresses its appreciation to the Special Rapporteur for monitoring the transition to democracy in South Africa and for the important role she has played in support of the efforts to eliminate apartheid in South Africa and to establish a non-racial society in the country;

2. Expresses its profound satisfaction at the entry into force of South Africa's new Constitution on 27 April 1994, the holding of one person/one vote elections from 26 to 29 April 1994, the convening of South Africa's new Parliament on 5 May 1994 and the installation on 10 May 1994 of its President and Government of National Unity;

3. Considers that the mandate of the Special Rapporteur to monitor the transition to democracy in South Africa has been successfully concluded, and decides to terminate it as at the date of adoption of the present resolution;

4. Decides to remove from its agenda, as of its fifty-second session, the item entitled "Monitoring and assisting the transition to democracy in South Africa".
30th meeting
17 February 1995
[Adopted without a vote. See chap. VI. E/CN.4/1995/176]


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