Awich Pollar
Nationality Uganda
Committee Committee on the Rights of the Child
Date First Elected 02/23/2005
Date Term Expires 02/28/2009
Position on Committee Committee member
Professional Background Professional experience:
- 2000, Re-joined the National Army and promoted to the rank of Captain
- 1995, Organized and mobilized children to present their views during the Constitutional Review Commission
- 1992, Was instrumental in presenting children’s views (advocacy) leading to the enactment of the Child Statute of Uganda National Programme of Action for Children (UNPAC)

Experience as a child soldier (1983-1985):
- As a child soldier, was the commander in charge of evacuating children and women to safe areas behind the battle lines
- Was supervisor of the distribution of food to children and women behind the battle lines
- Commander of immunization exercise at one time during the war
- Actively participated as commander of the guards of humanitarian centres like hospitals during the war

Post-armed conflict experience:
2002, Organized and mobilized ex-child soldiers from other belligerent organizations during peace talks with Uganda National Rescue Front II (UNRFII)
- Counselled other ex-child soldiers who were reporting to the Government of Uganda
1992-1995, Was a research assistant to many international organizations carrying out research on child soldiers (UNICEF) and Network of Researchers and Research Users of Uganda (NURU)
- 1987, Picked as a peer child soldier to discourage other children from joining rebel forces
- 1986-1987, Conducted mass-media campaigns for child soldiers to go back to school. Led the operation of screening for child soldiers from army units nationwide to return them to school
- 1986-to date, Strong advocacy for the rights of child soldiers
- 1986-1995, Became liaison officer for the child soldiers after we had returned to school
- 1986-1990, Was instrumental in helping ex-child soldiers locate their families and homes after the war -Organized and mobilized ex-child soldiers from other belligerent parties during peace talks on conflict. This was a very difficult and lengthy exercise since many did not know where they came from
- Led a committee that negotiated with hostile communities to accept ex-child soldiers to be re-integrated in their localities
- 1987-1988, Organized and led television and radio programmes to discourage children from joining the armed forces

- Chairman of Makerere University Counselling Group to erase the social stigma against child soldiers
- Over 2, 000 child soldiers returned to school, many of whom are professionals and university graduates; 80 per cent completed high school education
Educational BackgroundEducational background:
- 2000, Law Development Centre, Postgraduate diploma in legal practice (Bar course). During internship, trained in parliamentary legal procedures and draftsmanship
- 1999, Makerere University, LLB (Honours)
1995, Kampala, trained in HIV/AIDS, counselling to help child soldiers
At 13 years of age, I left school and became a child soldier in 1983. Pursuant to the Government’s policy of demobilizing child soldiers and re-integrating them into schools and the society, I, like many other ex-child soldiers, returned to primary school in 1986
Current occupation 1999-to date
- Practised law in one of the principal organs of Government. Engaged in establishing Alternative Dispute Resolution mechanisms (ADR) in legal matters concerning child soldiers faced with litigation
- Provided Legal Aid Services to children in Family Courts
Working LanguageEnglish